Ben’s big boy haircut

With the weather getting much warmer it was time to give Benjamin a shorter haircut. James and I sat on the floor with Benjamin in the middle and convinced him that it was ok for mommy to cut his hair with the hair shaver. I had to show him on daddy’s hair that it was ok, but he did alright and we don’t think it turned out too bad for his first real haircut from mommy.img_8860

The picture is of Benjamin looking at one of uncle Johnny’s kittens. This was the first time that Benjamin has seen kittens up close and he was so excited. He was very gentle with them even though in this picture it looks like he is strangling the kitten.  It was hard to pry him away just so we could go and pick up daddy from grampy’s house. I had to promise that we would bring daddy to see the kittens and then he was ok to leave, but he did not even want to get out when he saw grampy he wanted to go and see the kittens. We are planning to go and see some little lambs soon. It will be fun to see his reaction to them. He loves animals and bugs and trucks especially the garbage and cement trucks.

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  1. I’m happy to say that the kittens all survived his playing with them, even though the picture looks like he’s strangling it. 😉

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