Update on James’ Surgery

This is just a quick update regarding the surgery that I (James) will need to have.  Just to clarify in case there was some miscommunication, the infection is not life threatening or anything like that (as far as I know).  It is just painful and inconvenient and makes certain aspects of life very difficult.

The surgery has been scheduled for November 10’th and I will probably have to be in the hospital overnight.  The reason for this second surgery is due to improper healing related to the first.

I am told that the recovery time after that will be similar to that of the first, which was 2-3 months altogether.  The good news is that during this time, I’ve been told I will most likely not have to go in to the homecare center every day.  However, if it is anything like the last one, I will still be very limited in my mobility for the first week or two.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and concern for us during this time.  It means a lot to us to know that there are people standing behind us in prayer.

One thought on “Update on James’ Surgery

  1. AW! that’s awful. I hope this time it will be completely removed for good and will not return!! It sounds like it’s in an area that is difficult to be comfortable with. I pray that you are administered heavy duty pain killers while you recover 🙂

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