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Family Update

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Well, since the beginning of the year we've had a number of interesting family adventures.  First off, Ben seems to have decided that his new years resolution is to allow himself to be potty trained.  Since Julia was born, he has refused to sit on the potty.  Now, since the new year, he has been perfectly fine to go on the potty, and has actually had very few accidents since he started.

Julia on the other hand, has been drooling everywhere and we have found that she appears to be pushing in her first tooth.  She's very alert and likes to be in the middle of any social activities.  It's actually a little frustrating at times because she really doesn't like being put down and left for a while.  She seems to love her brother though, and he certainly loves her.

Carolanne has been doing a great job of keeping our house and family sane during these growing times.  She has been having fun growing her home made cards business as well as preparing Julia's room for her to sleep in soon.  (right now Julia sleeps in our room)

As for myself, I'm still keeping busy at Power to Change.  I also heard from the Dr. recently and though apparently my surgery still hasn't healed properly, we did get a referral to a specialist who will be taking a look at things near the end of March.  Please continue to pray that God would allow things to heal up properly.

Well, that's about all for now.  All the best from us Warkentins.

Published Wed, Jan 27, 2010 in: information newsletters personal life
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