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Surgery and Ministry Update

Well it seems that God has other plans for my life than to be healed.  About a week after my surgery was cancelled, the problem reappeared.  Please continue to pray that things would improve and/or heal completely.  Please pray also for us as this process has been quite frustrating.  I'm stuck working from home again due to this and while I've been able to see the positive sides of things, it would still be better to be completely well.

On the brighter side, our ministry has recently see a HUGE amount of growth of traffic to our sites.  Directly related to that is the fact that we're seeing big jumps in people needing to be mentored.  Here's a clip from our director's recent update:

This week our sites have been flooded with responses as our sites are experiencing rapid growth. http://Powertochange.com has seen a 100% growth in traffic in the past month. It’s so humbling to have people of every religion and walk of life coming to our doorstep. This past week, some of the content on our site addressed the pain that people feel in stages of grief after losing children. We strive to share the message of salvation and have realized that the starting point is to meet people where they are at. This is especially true when people are hurting and experiencing loss. I was particularly touched by the responses we are seeing on one of our articles. A friend of the ministry, shared her personal story of the loss of her twins in this article http://powertochange.com/life/talk-to-broken-hearted/. Her story of pain opened up the doors for others to express theirs.


As people respond, mentors communicate with them by responding on the blog and inviting them to talk privately with a mentor. This past week, there were over 700 comments by people on our site. Many authors join in the conversation on the website.

Everyday we add four pieces of new content to connect with people in varying stages in their spiritual journey. We start the conversation and are ready to listen and help people come to know Jesus.

I praise the Lord so much for the growth we are seeing in our traffic and mentoring. We need more mentors to help respond to those emails. We are especially in need of teen mentors. Last month our numbers of emails coming in from teens nearly doubled from previous months.

Published Mon, Jul 12, 2010 in: newsletters prayer requests surgery
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