Cute moment from Ben

"you having fun byue puppy"

This was Ben after we got home from Uncle Phil and Aunt Elly’s place this evening. He had dropped his puppy on the muddy ground while we were getting into the car and when we got home puppy was going to have a bath. James and I got a kick out of Ben looking into the washer and asking if he was having fun. He was not aloud to just sit there and watch until blue puppy was finished his bath. Thankfully he has 2, one for in the car “car puppy” and one that is in the house “house puppy” This time he ended up bringing house puppy with us when we left and  James was able to convince him that it was car puppy that needed the bath.

**Eventually I will get the other pictures I have been meaning to get on here posted. Maybe by the end of the month I will be caught up.**

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