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Sharing Prayer

It has been an exciting few months here in TruthMedia. Now that the majority of our work has been finished on the Power to Change supersite, we have had the opportunity to branch out into a few other projects that were waiting on the back-burners. One of these, was to try and build a facebook app that would let people send in prayer requests.

How to share prayer!Power to Change and TruthMedia’s new “Need Prayer?” Facebook app helps connect our team of dedicated volunteer mentors with people who need prayer. Mentoring is free, secure, and entirely confidential. Help us share this app with your friends, and help them discover or reconnect with God today!

Here’s how you can share the “Need Prayer?” app:

  1. Visit our “Need Prayer?” application
  2. Like our app
  3. Share it with your friends! You can simply ask “Do you need prayer?”

Click here to watch a video on how you can use this tool yourself.

Another project that I've been working on is a coaching / mentoring system for athletes.  Destined for use by our Athletes in Action ministry, this application will be reaching out to athletes to connect them to Christian coaches who will help with their personal development and guide them in their spiritual journey.  It's not quite released yet, but I'll send more updates when it goes live.

Since I last wrote, I've also gone through another surgery and am now healing slowly.  This was my first surgery with the specialist in Burnaby and as far as I know, things have gone well.  I seem to be healing properly, but we really won't know for sure until my next appt. with him in April.  Please pray that things will completely heal, and that no further surgeries will be required.

The progress on our support raising effort has been slow, but steady.  I've written in the past about the $1000 that we are trying to raise in monthly support by next June.  We have seen a fair amount come in already, however we also still have a long way to go.  You can help us by praying that the funds would come in, considering a donation yourself, and sharing or liking our promo page on facebook.

There have also been a few of our ministry partners who have either started giving or increased their giving and we want to say thank you very much!  Thank you also for your ongoing prayer for us and your willingness to stand with us in this ministry.  We really have appreciated your faithfulness and friendship.

Published Fri, Mar 11, 2011 in: current projects newsletters mentoring ministry prayer support
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