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October Update

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I (James) wanted to write a quick update to let you know what has been taking place in our lives and ministry over the past few months. As you may have heard, one of our biggest projects this year has been the development of TheLife.com and the strategy for which it was built.  This has been an ongoing learning and development process for everyone involved, however the central purpose is to encourage Christians to take the next few steps in their faith adventure as believers.  The strategy calls Christians to begin with a simple prayer:

Dear Jesus, I want you in the center of my life and commit, through your power, to serve and obey you – anytime, anywhere, at any cost, to do anything.

The results of this call have been really encouraging to see, with already over 1500 people who have signed up declaring their desire to have their lives make a difference serving God wherever He make take them.  Please pray with us for these fellow Christians who have made this pledge.

Another area we have been working is in the development of a partnership with a facebook page called "Jesus Daily".  This page has an overall reach of somewhere around 50,000,000 people each week, and the owner of this page receives many thousands of personal messages from people who are looking for prayer, advice or help online.  TruthMedia is partnering with him to help and provide mentoring for many of these people who are seeking help.  Please pray for us as we build the infrastructure needed to handle this volume of communication.

On the personal side, it has been a somewhat rocky summer.  There have been some great days, but also some very hard days.  We have lost a few major supporters and are now down to 41% from 44% of needed support raised.  Also we have had some pretty big and unexpected expenses, such as our car breaking down repeatedly and finally to the point that we had to replace it.  God did seem to help us find a reasonable deal on a new (to us) vehicle, but it was still an unexpected expense and we have had to finance it heavily. Not only are our finances and support low, but TruthMedia's as a whole is very low.  Please pray hard with us for our personal finances, our support and TruthMedia's support.  Also, if you have a friend or family member who might be interested in supporting us in this ministry, or hearing about what we are involved with, we would love to talk to them about it.

Thank you very much to all of you who have already been supporting us.  Both Carolanne and I really have appreciated your faithfulness and generosity to us.  Thank you also for continuing to pray for us in these matters.

We wish you all the best this Thanksgiving season,

James & Carolanne Warkentin

Published Wed, Oct 3, 2012 in: current projects newsletters personal life
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