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A glimpse into Internet ministry

It may seem strange or foreign to some that we get people with such personal and heartbreaking stories writing in to us from the websites. You may think that most of our work is with nameless, faceless "website visitors" who we never really have a chance to interact with.  In some situations, that is true.  However in many cases, we have people writing to us with very personal and painful questions that our team must try and respond to.

This was written recently on facebook by one of our staff members and is a heart breaking glimpse of the types of situations our team has to respond to on a daily basis.

It's been a crazy week for comments on the site. So far I've had to refer 4 people to the National Domestic Violence hotline and I've tried to help a woman who's husband has stage IV cancer, one who's marriage of 8 weeks is probably over, another who's husband is cheating on her with men and two pregnant 15 year olds. And it's only Wednesday :( My heart is tired.
Please continue to pray for our team as we respond to these difficult situations with God's grace and love.  Pray also for the people we meet and try to help.  Thank you for your partnership with us in this ministry.
Published Fri, Oct 26, 2012 in: information prayer requests ministry facebook cancer abuse
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