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Global Daily September

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers these past few months.  Life around TruthMedia has been pretty crazy lately due to some fairly significant reorganizing of how we function as a team.

We are continuing to build our mentoring ministry and have formed some pretty amazing partnerships with people who have a similar passion to our own.  The partnership with JesusDaily on facebook is one of those and provides a tremendous opportunity for us to reach out to hurting people with the technology of today.  Some other interested groups would be the Billy Graham association, Jesus.net and You Version (the Bible app).  Please pray for us as we continue to develop these partnerships and seek how we might best use them to reach people for Christ.

Please pray also for our team.  Many of us have been struggling with personal issues of various sorts and it does effect the team as a whole.  Pray that Satan would have no power in our lives and that the Lord would continue to use us in mighty ways for His own glory and purpose.

Thank you again for remembering us in these things.  Thank you also for your generous financial support as we have continued in this ministry.  We really appreciate that people stand with us financially in this ministry.

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