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Global Daily - September 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you very much for remembering our ministry in prayer over this past summer. In the past few months, we have seen God’s hand of blessing on the efforts of our team and our many volunteers. People are hearing about God’s love and coming to know Jesus in a personal way.


Our traffic has doubled over the past year. This last July we saw 1596 people tell us that they had made a decision to follow Jesus. Since February alone, we have seen double the responses into our mentoring! People are coming to know Christ and we are so incredibly thankful for that.

Our recent evangelistic strategy, http://issuesIface.com is one of the most effective digital strategies that we have embarked on. There is something to the raw and real stories about issues that people face every day that is resonating with non-believers. They are sharing what is going on in their lives and talking to mentors, who then help take them on a faith journey.

Please continue to pray for us. As you look at your fall and consider ministry involvement, please pray about how you might help. Quite honestly, we need people to help with answering the emails (mentoring) and we need people to help with funding. Find out more at or on facebook at facebook.com/jcptc

Thank you,
James & Carolanne Warkentin

Published Thu, Aug 21, 2014 in: current projects newsletters mentoring global daily
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