Global Daily Oct. 2014

Dear Friends,

This fall feels as though it is flying past. Thank you for your prayer and support of us during this past month. There have been some pretty major changes around Power to Change and even our team over this past summer. One of these has been a name change. Our ministry (within the greater body of Power to Change) is now called The Life Project instead of TruthMedia. Our mission has not really changed though we have grown leaner and more clearly focused. We lead people on a spiritual journey in the digital space.

Please continue to uphold us in prayer as we work to this end. Pray for wisdom in knowing how best to reach and make an impact in people’s lives. Pray for meaningful and purposeful relationships between our mentors and those whom they help. And pray for funds for the ministry. We have lost some good staff members over the summer due mainly to lack of funding. Please pray that God would provide the people we need and the financial resources as well.

Thank you so much,
James and Carolanne Warkentin