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Daily Prayer For The Week

prayer-requestsWe receive hundreds of emails every day from people asking for prayer or help from a mentor. Here are a few of those requests, organized in a daily schedule if you would like to pray for them in that way.



My bestfriend and I of about 10 years just got into an argument about god (we're 19). My parents never took me to church and I really wish they did. My bestfriend is a true believer in god and out of all the honest conversations we've had, this is the most serious one we've ever had. I just want to understand her beliefs.



I couple weeks ago I had a bad fall and ended up with two black eyes. I feel somewhat better now, but please keep praying for strength as I am very weak and shaky on my feet. (from a mentor)


Family and Finances

Hello, my husband just lost his job and I don't know what to say. Now he tends to drink a lot and this has strained our relationship



I cheated on my fiance last year. I lied to him as well. I have been faithful ever since. He left for a little over a month and said that he wanted to work it out...


Spiritual Growth

I am worried about my brother who is accused of apostasy, he used to be a pastor of a Baptist church but when he joined a Korean Bible Study he joined them. He was taught that it is Christ who accepted us not the other way around. Please explain about this subject.

Thank you for your prayers — they really do move heaven and earth!

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