Global Daily – Aug. 2019

The question:* What are you learning or what is God teaching you right now?

These past several months I feel that God has been teaching me to continue to rely on him for our family needs and that He doesn’t necessarily provide in the ways that I expect. He has been reminding me of the many ways in which He has graciously provided for us in the past and continues to do so today.

Ministry Prayer Requests:

  • For patience, discernment and a break-through as we continue to struggle with Facebook repeatedly shutting down our advertising accounts. We had a brief restoration of the account and then they shut it down again.
  • For wisdom as we continue to develop partnerships with several other digital ministries who want to offer the online mentoring we provide to their visitors.
  • For greater reach, impact and effectiveness as we seek to lead people online closer to Jesus.

Thank you for your ongoing prayer and financial support of us in this ministry!

* GlobalDAILY is the monthly prayer calendar of Central Heights Church global workers. Each month a question is asked of us in order to facilitate discussion and inspire us to share new and interesting facets of our ministry.