Cell Plan Recommendation

This post is a bit of shameless promotion, but might also be a helpful recommendation for one of you.

Recently, we decided to shop around for a new cellphone plan for Carolanne. We wanted something cheap that let her use her own phone and not be locked into a long, expensive plan.

We found Public Mobile. They run on a large network across Canada (Telus I think) and have great budget-friendly plans. Right now they’re offering a $10 credit to you and a bonus to us if you use our referral code. MY43ZO

You can help us out and get a $10 credit by using our referral code if you sign up! MY43ZO

We have found the plan and coverage to be quite good! And very budget-friendly.

For $15/mo (their starter plan) you get:

  • No need for a yearly contract
  • 100 Canadian outgoing call minutes
  • Unlimited incoming minutes
  • Unlimited text and picture messaging
  • and 250mb data if you sign up for auto-pay

You can also reduce your bill by $2/mo by using auto-pay. (which is quite convenient anyway) AND you can reduce your bill by another $1/mo for each person you refer, which is what we are doing here. But we wouldn’t be recommending them if we weren’t happy with the plan.

So if you’re looking for an inexpensive but decent cell plan, these ones are quite good. No big multi-year contract to sign. Low prices. Decent service. Lots of included features. We recommend you check them out. And if you use our referral code you’ll get a $10 credit and you’ll help us out too!

https://www.publicmobile.ca/en/bc/plans with code: MY43ZO