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Global Daily January 2022

Dear Friends,

Life this past year has definitely been turbulent with fires in the summer, flooding in the fall, new Covid strains, VaxPasses and lockdowns. Thank you for remembering to pray for our family and this ministry in the midst of all the noise. I pray that we all, as followers of Jesus, would show the love of Christ to a lost and confused world through the testimony of our lives, the unity and love we show each other, and the opportunities we are given to share of the hope and peace that we have in Jesus.

Please continue to pray with me for these things and for our ministry as we seek to reach those who are lost. Pray for the online mentors who are most often the front-line of our ministry. Pray for the partnerships we form with other evangelistic groups. Pray for unity, peace and dynamic ministry as we look for more opportunities to reach further and more effectively. Pray for funding and for additional members to join our team. Thank you! We wish you a peaceful and joyful New Year.

Published Sat, Jan 1, 2022 in: prayer requests global daily
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