Stories From The Field

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share with you some stories that were shared recently by our ministry. These come from the monthly newsletter that is sent out by our team. If you wish, you can read the whole thing here:

Here are a few key excerpts that I thought you might like. The first pertains to the current crisis in Ukraine and how we can respond as Christians in prayer.

“As I write this to you, hundreds of Ukrainians are displaced and fleeing for their lives. At the same time, millions of Christians around the world are praying for peace, repentance, protection, and deliverance from evil. To help you lament and pray for those in Ukraine, here is a guide that our global office put together.”

One area in which I’ve been spending a fair bit of time is developing the software modifications needed for a newer partner of our ministry called OnlineCare.

OnlineCare provides crisis pregnancy and abortion grief support through their online, peer counselling service to clients across Canada – and now, with our ministry’s help, internationally, too! They partner with the 82 pregnancy care centres across the country and seek to support those who are not yet ready to receive in-person support or do not have access to a pregnancy care centre nearby.

OnlineCare started using a customized version of last August and, since then, we’ve been able to help their peer counsellors respond to 333% more clients in just six weeks!

Over the past few months I’ve had the privilege of working with the OnlineCare team to customize our mentoring software helping make their ministry even more effective. They shared this beautiful story with us recently.

Seven months ago, Jenna found out she was pregnant. She struggled to imagine raising a child with her abusive husband and contemplated terminating her pregnancy. Jenna turned to OnlineCare and found a compassionate, supportive peer counsellor in Nelly. Nelly encouraged her to connect with a local pregnancy care centre in Ontario for support and counsel. Although Jenna moved back to her home country for safety and family support, Nelly continued to walk with her throughout her journey through

Two weeks ago, Jenna gave birth to her baby girl, two months earlier than expected. Nelly has continued to encourage Jenna with scripture and points her to resources as she navigates this new season of motherhood. 

I know God or whoever is up there is looking out for me and my baby girl. He is giving me strength and wisdom to choose the best path for me and my baby… We are more than grateful to have your support half way around the world… ” – Jenna

Learn more about our partner, OnlineCare:

Thank you for continuing to pray and support us in this ministry. We feel honored to have such a faithful team standing with us.