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A Muslim Finds Truth

The following story was shared recently by our Arabic ministry director. He is an amazing man who loves the Lord dearly and is passionate to reach the Arabic world with the gospel. I love hearing him share stories from the ministry and I hope you will too. The names have been changed for the safety of these new believers.

Salima’s life of privilege and wealth came crashing down when her husband was sent to prison for fraud. It wasn’t until several years later that her life changed for the better.

Aisha happened to be a Christian and invited Salima to church. She quickly accepted the invitation, went to church and, caught up in the moment, she made a profession of faith in Christ. Within a few days, though, Salima felt conflicted, guilty and fearful of Allah’s wrath. She returned to Islam with more tenacity than before.

Like a seed that falls on the path and is pecked away and eaten by birds, her faith did not last more than a month (Matthew 13:18,19). But God was working all the while.

Earlier this year, something changed. There was something in Salima’s heart that she could no longer deny. She began to investigate Christianity further and found our Arabic website, where she connected with our mentors.

Salima had many questions. Her mentors spent hours with her, helping her understand the truth about Islam. Eventually, Salima decided to reject the religion. She wanted the same joy that she remembered Aisha and others at the church had.

Together with her mentors, she studied the Bible and learned what it meant to follow Jesus. Salima decided to make an informed, sincere decision to give her life to Jesus. She is now back at her previous church and in August, she led her daughter to faith in Christ and both of them got baptized!

Thank you for your part in allowing this Muslim lady to find truth and salvation. Your prayer and generous support help us continue in this ministry.

Published Mon, Nov 21, 2022 in: exciting stories & emails newsletters ministry stories arabic
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