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Global Daily - Dec. 2023

Dear Friends,

Throughout this past few months our team has been working to develop a new evangelistic mentoring tool called "Live Chat". It enhances our existing mentoring system and allows people seeking help to connect directly with a Christian mentor in real-time. Please pray for our mentors and ministry partners as they begin to learn how to use this new tool. For many it is a big transition, changing from email-style communication to real-time messaging with those that they mentor. Please pray for the mentors in this training and transition period, and pray also for us as we try to provide great resources and support to the mentors. At the time of writing it is being released on our English, French and Indonesian websites. Check out jamesandcarolanne.com for more ministry updates.

Thank you!

James W.

Published Fri, Dec 1, 2023 in: global daily
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