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Easter... What's the big deal?

You may be asking yourself... "What's the big deal about Easter?"  I'd like to tell you what it means to me. Easter is the time when I remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Jesus was born in Israel 2000(ish) years ago and claimed to be the son of God, come to save us from destruction.  He backed that claim up by performing many documented signs and miracles in the presence of many witnesses.  ...
Published 2013-03-30

Global Daily for March 2012

Each month, I (James) write a short article in response to a specific question or two for our church.  I usually also post these here to give you a sense of what's going on in the ministry.  The following is the entry for this month. Question: How will you celebrate Easter and how do you share the message of Easter with the people where you are? Answer: We are very blessed to have both of...
Published 2012-03-28
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