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Mentoring Makes a Difference!

If you don't think that the websites or mentoring really makes a difference, here is a story from someone who's life was transformed... First of all thank you for that wonderful message. I think this is an awesome ministry. It was a life saver for me, and now I hope I can help it be for others. When I came to this site over a year ago, it helped change my life forever. I felt...
Published 2011-11-27

Not Just for Seekers

One of the aspects of our ministry that is often missed when presenting what we do is the "Christian" side of things.  Though we do work very hard to lead people to discover Christ, we ALSO develop a large number of resources intended to help existing believers grow in their faith, share their faith with others and teach them to inspire others to share their faith.  In Power to Change lingo we refer to those...
Published 2010-06-22
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