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Global Daily for June

Question: Let us know about your activities, ministries, home assignment activities etc. for this summer. Answer: The nature of our ministry doesn't really change much with regard to the various seasons of the year. We do see somewhat smaller numbers at times during the summer, as people are often taking vacations and generally getting offline. We also often bring in a few summer interns to help them gain experience in web based ministry. During this...
Published 2012-06-26

Recent Updates

Thank you so much for your ongoing prayer and support of us. This Christmas is going to be a bit different for us as James' dad (Loren) will have just recently had heart surgery and we're not sure yet what changes that will bring. Please pray for a quick recovery for him and for peace for the rest of us. Please pray also for TruthMedia as this can be a very busy time of year...
Published 2011-11-23

Global Daily for CHC

Every month, I'm asked to write an entry for the Global Daily for Central Heights Church.  This is my entry from October (published November).  We are asked to respond to specific questions, and the one for this month was "Tell us about a Scripture book or passage that is especially meaningful to you." I (James) think my favourite parts of the Bible are those highlighted in red text.  I love reading and learning about what...
Published 2011-11-01
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