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Support Graph Adjustment

You may have noticed recently that I have adjusted the graph of how much support we have raised to be less than it was previously. To avoid some confusion, I will attempt to explain the rational behind this move.

The previous support goal that I was using to calculate that graph was based on my actual salary about 2 years ago. This was not based on what Campus Crusade said that I "should" be raising, but rather what I was being paid in light of the fact that I hadn't raised most of my support yet. (I've been trying to work with smaller goals in order to take "baby steps" in the support raising process.)

Recently though, I have updated the graph to reflect the amount that Campus Crusade says that I should be raising in total. This amount also reflects changes based on the fact that we have a baby on the way. Essentially we are about 1/3'rd of the way to where we need to be.

In light of that fact (that we have a long way to go yet), we will be continuing to work at raising the support we need, as well as enlisting all the help we can get in working through that process. We will be putting some of the additional ways that you could help us in the Support Raising category on this site.

Click here to read about other ways that you can help us to get our support raised.

Published Mon, Feb 19, 2007 in: information support raising
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