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The Recent Prayer Letter

Thank you for taking the time to take a look through our recent letter. We hope you like the family picture prayer card that was included. Getting kids to sit still and not make faces for a brief second to get a good picture is surprisingly hard! ?
Published 2017-12-12

New Hardware

Dear Friends and Supporters, Thank you so much for being a part of our ministry team. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate having such a faithful team standing with us in this ministry. We are very blessed. We (The Life Project) recently held a special dinner for as many donors and friends as we could gather. It's purpose was to help encourage and inform everyone about our ministry activities and future direction. We...
Published 2017-07-20

Help Us Share The Need!

One way that you could help us to get more of our funds raised is to share about us and our ministry with your friends on facebook. More than likely, you know many people that we don't, or perhaps whom we haven't thought of asking. Would you be willing to share our introduction letter with your friends on facebook? Something like this on your wall would be great: Some friends of mine, James and Carolanne,...
Published 2012-12-03

Raising $1000 per Month by June

Many of you may have heard about our recent push to raise $1000 by June, but for those of you who haven't, I thought I'd post an update on what this is all about. We have been asked by Power to Change to raise an additional $1000 in monthly support by June 2011. This is not because we're suddenly going to be paid more, but rather due to cut-backs in P2C's covering of our existing...
Published 2011-01-26

Support Raising Challenge

We have a challenge for those of you who are already supporting us or would like to help us in some way that is not just financial. One of the problems that we have been continuing to encounter is the issue of "who to talk to". Carolanne and I feel like we have exhausted most if not all of our list of names of people who we can talk to about supporting us. As we...
Published 2007-02-19

Support Graph Adjustment

You may have noticed recently that I have adjusted the graph of how much support we have raised to be less than it was previously. To avoid some confusion, I will attempt to explain the rational behind this move. The previous support goal that I was using to calculate that graph was based on my actual salary about 2 years ago. This was not based on what Campus Crusade said that I "should" be raising,...
Published 2007-02-19
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