Suicide and Mentoring

The following exchange took place a few days ago on one of our articles related to suicide.  I am posting it here because I thought it was a really meaningful example of our ministry in action combined with the positive influence of mentoring on the site.  If you like, you can read the full article with comments here.

Vandana Mittal: hi..
I love a guy who says he we cant be together because of commitments to himself and his family. I am not able to move out of his life. I feel like nobody else can take up his place. Once i tried committing suscide. Whenever i ask him whether he loves me he says he dont want to talk about all this stuff. He does not answers me. Whenever i try to move ahead, i become more and more possessive for him and end up with thoughts like committing susicde. I cant stop myself and i feel like the only way by which everybody(my family, He, my frnz) can get rid of me is if i commit suscide. I dont know what to do. Right now m living with my sleeping pills. Chemist said he cant provide me more.
Please suggest sumthing.

Leah Kullman: Vandana,

I am so sorry that you are going through this dark place right now. Suicide is not the answer and my prayer is for you to get help right away. Talk to someone about your feelings, your mom, your dad or a friend. If you don’t want to talk to them we can connect you with an online mentor, that will walk with you through this time. It’s free and confidential. If you want a mentor, just reply back on the blog letting me know you would like to get connected and I will set you up with a mentor right away.

Vandana Mittal: yeah! i think i need i a mentor. i cant discuss this with my friends anymore. i would be thankful if you can help me 🙁

Leah Kullman: Oh awesome Vandana!

I so happy that you are talking to someone, this is the first step in getting better! I have sent your email into our mentor system, you will hear from a mentor soon. The email will say “email from the mentorcenter” in the subject so keep your eye out for in your inbox.


Barbara: Dear Vansana and Leah,

How great that the two of you are working through this situation together. Vandana please except the help from the mentor that will be aiding and encouraging you through this…I hooked up with a great mentor from this site a while back and she made a husge differance in my life…she got me on track again and when all was said and done…i couldn’t wait to report the GREAT NEWS to her. Also, this past week (Wednesday) i was very suicidal again and i reached out to my church via the internet requesting prayer….I knew I was in a bad place with those old familiar thoughts of death…and made it totaly clear to them i was struggling with thoughts of suicide within an hour i received a call from the church and I knew in my heart all was going to be well…my step of faith knowing that God listens to the prayers of others helped me overcome the temptation to check out of life…Sure enough, thursday i went for a job interview and ended up landing the job before i even left….how SATAN tries to lure us into the temptation to end our lives JUST when a break through is about to occur…had i tried to take my life on Wednesday, I wouldn’t had been available for the job interview and more importatnly I wouldn’t have been around to serve at my church office today and let those who cared about my situation “SEE” I was ok and that I made it through that scary, scary night..Hoping the best for you!

As you may have guessed, Leah is one of our staff members with TruthMedia.  This half of the conversation was published publicly on the site.  Once the conversation moves to being handled by the mentor it is private and confidential.  Please continue to pray for both Vandana and her mentor as I’m sure the conversation is ongoing.