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God Jams a Gun

I just wanted someone to know and understand how bad it has gotten for me. When I sent the last message to you, I was done and was going to end it.
Published 2017-04-04

Global Daily March 2017

Dear Friends, My focus the past few months has been to improve our online mentoring software. This allows our mentors to be more effective in communicating with the hurting people who come to us for help. One such person wrote to us very recently in response to the help she had found through our online mentoring after a suicide attempt and painful relationship breakup: "After talking with one of your team members I've managed to...
Published 2017-03-16

Latest Updates and a Free App

With the start of the new school year and the end of summer things have begun to pick up around here again.  Though it never really gets "slow", things definitely do ramp up in the fall. A New Devotional Series: Our film team has been spending a lot of time this spring and summer working on a story-based discovery series called Treasure: Jesus is Worth Everything. They have been incredibly busy working on this project...
Published 2013-09-20

Suicide Thanks

We got a really encouraging email recently from the mom of a suicidal visitor who was connected with one of our mentors.  Names have been changed for privacy. This is Martha's mom responding. Thank you so much for your support of Martha. You may have been a part of saving her life. I took her to the hospital about a week ago. She was admitted & is still there. She is safe thank God We...
Published 2013-09-19

Saved from Suicide

Yesterday, a teenage boy wrote on a blog and said he had tried to commit suicide and didn't know what to do about his problems. After reading our mentor's response to him, he wrote back this morning: "Thanks, sir. After your response, i feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my head. I’ll try to live on, as death will only make me feel guilty afterlife. For being selfish to end my troubles...
Published 2013-09-06

Suicide and Mentoring

The following exchange took place a few days ago on one of our articles related to suicide.  I am posting it here because I thought it was a really meaningful example of our ministry in action combined with the positive influence of mentoring on the site.  If you like, you can read the full article with comments here. Vandana Mittal: hi.. I love a guy who says he we cant be together because of commitments...
Published 2010-08-04
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