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New Believer in Pakistan

One of the reasons that I love working in this ministry is that we are able to reach out to people around the world, even in some of the most closed countries.  One of the ways that we connect with people quite directly is through our chat rooms and regularly scheduled topical chats.  While I am not directly involved with the chats, it is my job to make sure those chat rooms continue to function properly and that people can find and get to them easily.  This report was sent in from one of those rooms just yesterday.  Names have been removed in order to maintain privacy and security.

Hi; Just thought you like to hear some wonderful news. There was a chatter in [our chat room] this morning...[name was removed] said he was from Pakistan,

He came onto the site, because he was looking for answers. He was getting very anti Islam, said he just got told lies, and wanted to know the truth . :) We had a great time sharing with him the good news about Jesus, and answered his questions...he said he wanted to be sure of his eternal destiny. I said he could be sure right there and then, and that we would be happy to pray with him. He was more than happy to:) He said the sinners prayer, then, he thanked God for saving him! Thats got to be the best news ever. It was the first time he had been told that God loved him, as an individual. He was over the moon! And when we told him that there was a party in heaven because he had accepted Jesus...wow! It was a lovely time this morning. God has wonderful plans for him I know.

Thank you for your prayer for and support of us in this ministry.  In standing with us here at Power to Change you played a key part in helping to lead this man to the Lord.  This man in Pakistan was led to Christ by one of our regular attendee's in England, using the systems we run from here in the Fraser Valley.  This is truly a world-wide ministry. Please continue to pray for us, that God would grant us wisdom to use the technology effectively to reach people with His love, and that He would maintain the open doors we have to reach out to people in closed countries such as these.

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