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Help Us Share The Need!

One way that you could help us to get more of our funds raised is to share about us and our ministry with your friends on facebook. More than likely, you know many people that we don't, or perhaps whom we haven't thought of asking. Would you be willing to share our introduction letter with your friends on facebook? Something like this on your wall would be great:

Some friends of mine, James and Carolanne, serve as Christian missionaries with Power to Change. God is working through them and their team in really powerful ways. They are currently trying to raise their financial support and are looking for people who might be able to join their support team. Would you consider helping them? Read more about what they are doing here:


Of course, you're welcome to say something else. I know I'm not a particularly gifted writer so if you would like to share it in a more personal way, please feel free.  Your "endorsement" of us would be super helpful in spreading the word about what we do.

Published Mon, Dec 3, 2012 in: newsletters support raising
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