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Suicide Thanks

We got a really encouraging email recently from the mom of a suicidal visitor who was connected with one of our mentors.  Names have been changed for privacy.

This is Martha's mom responding. Thank you so much for your support of Martha. You may have been a part of saving her life. I took her to the hospital about a week ago. She was admitted & is still there. She is safe thank God

We are supporting her completely with the professional help that she needs right now. Please continue to keep all of our family in your prayers but especially Martha. May God bless you for your very important work. I will let Martha know that I have responded to you on her behalf. I hope that she will contact you herself when she is ready.

Praise the Lord for how he continues to use us each day.  Please continue to pray for Martha (not her real name) and the many others we have who come to us in similar situations.  Pray for our mentors as well that they would be wise and caring in responding to each of these.

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