A Note of Encouragement

I have written previously about how I have been working hard with our team to build our new mentoring system. We recently started moving more people into it, and other than a few minor hiccups, the response has been quite positive. I found this email especially encouraging:

“The new training system is awesome and I enjoyed going through it. I like the fact that it consists of videos to cater for those who don’t like reading that much and would prefer watching and listening. Going through the training was a great reminder of why am I a mentor and what is my role. Therefore it’s great for new mentors as well as for the old. For new mentors it is straight to the point and the system is easy to adapt to.

Thank you for the great reminder and I wouldn’t mind going through it in future to keep on reminding me the importance of staying at the top of my game and let the Holy Spirit reach as many people He would like to reach through me. God bless!”

In the next weeks, we will be moving all our mentors into the system. To try it out for yourself, visit http://tmm.io/.