Global Daily March 2017

Dear Friends,

My focus the past few months has been to improve our online mentoring software. This allows our mentors to be more effective in communicating with the hurting people who come to us for help. One such person wrote to us very recently in response to the help she had found through our online mentoring after a suicide attempt and painful relationship breakup:

“After talking with one of your team members I’ve managed to carry on and work through this! I am so grateful for your whole team being there! I wish I could personally thank you but all I can say is thank you for saving my life! My life has changed dramatically and all I needed was a push to take control and your team has gave me that! I’m not back with my boyfriend but I’m moving on in life! I can’t thank you enough.”

So, thank YOU for allowing us to continue in this ministry through your prayer and financial support. Your help of us is making a difference in the lives of many lost and hurting people around the world.

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Thank you.
James Warkentin