Branching Into New Countries

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The past several months have been a whirlwind of activity. We are in the process of building several new partnerships with teams on the ground in places like Indonesia, Liberia, New Caledonia, Jordan and Singapore. Teams in many of these places are joining with us to build evangelism and mentoring strategies to reach their own people, often in their own language, to lead them closer to Jesus. And that is what our team is all about!

The world is online, we help them know Jesus.

Just recently I had the opportunity to connect with a man leading a team in Jordan. They work to help facilitate connections between new believers and churches or individuals in the middle east who can help them take the next steps in their faith. This team is partnering with us to use our mentoring software to make some of these connections and has even volunteered to translate the platform into Arabic. This means we can have Arabic speaking mentors using the software in their own language and connecting with new Arabic speaking believers.

In another initiative, one of our staff members with a heart for reaching Liberia has created a special Liberia edition of one of our evangelistic sites. He is in contact with a minister in Liberia who has planted 21 churches, leads a seminary, does some urban ministry on the streets of Monrovia, and is interested in trying our online strategy in his context. We used Facebook advertising to specifically reach people in that country with ads for that site and within 48 hours a $20 investment brought in 17 new people in need of mentoring.

In the country of Indonesia a team has been working diligently to create their own translated and adapted version of our evangelistic IssuesIFace strategy called CeritakuCeritamu. They are focused on reaching people in-country using Bahasa Indonesia and connecting them with their own Indonesian speaking mentor. They are also translating the mentoring platform into Bahasa Indonesia in order that Indonesian mentors can use the platform in their own language and respond to people from their own country.

You may have heard in previous letters that we were reaching people in the country of India as well. This strategy is continuing and has seen some really great responses and success. We are now working to translate the MyStruggles site into both Punjabi and Hindi in order to reach an even wider segment of the population. We are working with people in-country to provide the best possible resources.

These are just a few of the many different strategies and partnerships we are currently working on or have developed. I didn’t even mention Iowa, Singapore, Brazil or North Africa.

One of our ministry’s biggest needs right now is for more mentors. In the words of our Lord, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. We really do need more mentors (and also staff) who have a heart for ministry and would like to help contribute to the fulfillment of Jesus’ great commission. Please pray for more people to join us. If ministering to one of these countries I’ve mentioned touches your heart, please don’t hesitate to connect with me for more details, or sign up to be a mentor at

Thank you for listening! Thank you for praying! And thank you to those of you who give financially to help us continue in this ministry.

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