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A Ministry Opportunity

As an Internet ministry, this unusual time of isolation presents us with a tremendous opportunity to share and help people who are turning to the Internet to look for answers and support.
Published 2020-03-24

Branching Into New Countries

We are in the process of building several new partnerships with teams on the ground in places like Indonesia, Liberia, New Caledonia, Jordan and Singapore. Teams in many of these places are joining with us to build evangelism and mentoring strategies to reach their own people.
Published 2019-04-09

Global Daily - Feb. 2017

Dear CHC Friends and Supporters, Thank you very much for your ongoing prayer and support of us in our ministry with Power to Change. We are very grateful to have the missions team and congregation standing with us so faithfully in this work. Every month hundreds of people around the world are led to know Jesus personally. This happens through our sites and through conversations with our online mentors and staff. It is amazing to...
Published 2017-01-24

Our Passion - June 2016 Newsletter

I would like to share a little bit with you about why it is that I continue in this ministry. Carolanne and I believe that God loves every person in this world passionately and longs to see each one return to a right relationship with Himself. In the sacrifice of Christ He made a way for each of us to be reconciled to Himself. As followers of Christ, we have been given the task of...
Published 2016-06-28

Some Statistics

Normally, raw statistics are not all that inspiring. I thought these were worth sharing though. This is a glimpse into why I do what I do. So far today, there are 24 people who have indicated that they've decided to accept Jesus as their forever-friend. And the day isn't over yet.
Published 2014-10-10

Share Our Facebook Posts

Hey all! I know I have mentioned this in past newsletters, but I thought I would mention it again. If you would like to help us raise more support, one way that you can do that is by linking and/or re-sharing our facebook posts. There is one in particular that I just posted that would be a great place to start. This is a picture of what it will look like.  Click here or on...
Published 2014-03-17

Recent Activities: The 35 Day Challenge

The past few weeks/months have seen our team incredibly busy with a new initiative called the 35 Day Challenge.  Designed as an evangelism training solution for Christians, the 35 day challenge can help you walk through the steps needed to learn how to share your faith effectively with other people. My part of this work has been in building the website and programming the technology that allows the website to function properly.  (yes, if you...
Published 2012-04-20
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