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Prayer Request

HiĀ  there,

I just wanted to share a quick update and prayer request with you. One of the big ways in which our ministry connects with people is by using Facebook advertising to bring people to our IssuesIFace.com website. To do this, we try to create ads that will reach people who struggle in the same areas that we write about on IssueIFace.

This strategy has seen some amazing results, however recently Facebook decided that they didn't like what we were doing and proceeded to shut down our entire advertising account. As a result, the number of people writing in to us for help on that website has plummeted.

Facebook has not been forthcoming with reasons as to WHY we were suddenly shut down, and when we have appealed (repeatedly) they have responded that the decision to shut us down is FINAL. They say that we are not acting in compliance with their advertising policies (which they seem to change often lately) but are not providing us with any specific policies that we have broken.

Consequently, we are looking into other ways to reach people both online and offline. Please pray for us as we continue to work through this issue. We are continuing to try and restore the ads on Facebook but are also looking into as many other advertising avenues as we can brainstorm.

Pray that:

  1. God would open the doors once again for us to advertise on Facebook.
  2. God would use this to make us even more effective in reaching a wider audience.
  3. God would bring partners to our ministry with additional means to reach people online with the hope of the Gospel.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

James W

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