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A Few Encouraging Stories [and a newsletter change]

Today, I received an update from our director, Karen, with some more encouraging stories and thoughts from around the ministry.  I thought you might also like to hear them.  I have included much of her email verbatim with a few minor formatting changes. Also, you may notice that this email newsletter looks a little different from past ones I have sent.  I'm switching to a slightly different way of sending these, but you should still...
Published 2013-08-30

Another Lost Sheep Found

We recently had a really great story reported by one of the staff, which started as an email from a visitor to one of our sites. THE VISITOR WROTE: I'm at the lowest point in my life. I feel lonely, unloved, and misunderstood. I am feeling worthless and confused... I pray that God helps me get through this... A mentor spoke her telling her how sorry she felt that way but that God felt just...
Published 2013-08-23

Recent Activities: The 35 Day Challenge

The past few weeks/months have seen our team incredibly busy with a new initiative called the 35 Day Challenge.  Designed as an evangelism training solution for Christians, the 35 day challenge can help you walk through the steps needed to learn how to share your faith effectively with other people. My part of this work has been in building the website and programming the technology that allows the website to function properly.  (yes, if you...
Published 2012-04-20

Isaiah 22

I've been reading lately through the book of Isaiah.  In the past I avoided this book due to it being among those classified as "Prophetic Warnings and Doom" in my head.  Generally I try to avoid those due the danger of personal depression.  :)  However, I have learned to really enjoy Isaiah.  There are some great nuggets in there, and a LOT of prophecy pertaining to the coming of Christ and His reign.  There are...
Published 2012-03-09
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