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Recent Activities: The 35 Day Challenge

35 Day Challenge

The past few weeks/months have seen our team incredibly busy with a new initiative called the 35 Day Challenge.  Designed as an evangelism training solution for Christians, the 35 day challenge can help you walk through the steps needed to learn how to share your faith effectively with other people.

My part of this work has been in building the website and programming the technology that allows the website to function properly.  (yes, if you find bugs, you can mention them to me.  :) )  It has been quite a major process but it's been really rewarding to see all the people who have already joined from many different parts of the world including some very "closed" countries.

The general idea of the site is to encourage believers to take new steps in their faith and to teach them very practical ways that they can begin to share their faith effectively with others.  Now that most of the technology has been created, we have started to challenge churches to consider taking their members through it. One such church that has started this process is Centre Street Church in Calgary, AB.

The 35 Day Challenge was also featured this week on CanadianChristianity.com! Read the article here: http://www.canadianchristianity.com/faith/ministry/thirtyfive-days-life/.

Would you join us in praying that we would reach our goal of having 2000 Christians take the 35 Day Challenge? If you are interested in learning more or if you would like to take the challenge yourself, please visit http://35daychallenge.ca.

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