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The Lion's Den

Power to Change recently helped to host an event called "The Lion's Den" which was patterned after the show Dragon's Den.  The event gave a panel of "judges" the opportunity to invest in the most promising evangelism strategies we have available today.  This video captures a few of the stories and highlights from the event. http://vimeo.com/80513239  
Published 2013-11-29

Februrary 2013 Update

Thank you for all your prayer and support for us over the past months. Life at Power to Change has been quite interesting lately. We're engaged in two major projects these days. The first is the development of The Life. Over the past year or two we have been helping with the development of a concept called The Life. The Life (found at www.thelife.com) is a call to commitment for Christians. Our part has been...
Published 2013-02-19

Global Daily for June

Question: Let us know about your activities, ministries, home assignment activities etc. for this summer. Answer: The nature of our ministry doesn't really change much with regard to the various seasons of the year. We do see somewhat smaller numbers at times during the summer, as people are often taking vacations and generally getting offline. We also often bring in a few summer interns to help them gain experience in web based ministry. During this...
Published 2012-06-26

Recent Activities: The 35 Day Challenge

The past few weeks/months have seen our team incredibly busy with a new initiative called the 35 Day Challenge.  Designed as an evangelism training solution for Christians, the 35 day challenge can help you walk through the steps needed to learn how to share your faith effectively with other people. My part of this work has been in building the website and programming the technology that allows the website to function properly.  (yes, if you...
Published 2012-04-20

Global Daily - March 2012

We have just come through a major project with Power to Change called TheLife.  TheLife is a challenge: to make the commitment to grab hold of God’s vision for your life.  To make your life count and do something that makes a difference for eternity, any time, any where, at any cost, to do any thing. As a symbol of their commitment we challenge followers of Christ to sign TheLife card as a physical reminder...
Published 2012-02-22

Global Daily - Jan. 2012

Every month, one of our supporting churches asks us to write in response to a question so that the congregation can get to know us better and pray for us more specifically.  This is our entry for January, 2012. Question: Tell us something from your childhood or early adult years which God has used to specially prepare you for who you are and what you're doing now. I (James) have often wondered at how God...
Published 2011-12-22
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