Global Daily for June

Question: Let us know about your activities, ministries, home assignment activities etc. for this summer.

The nature of our ministry doesn’t really change much with regard to the various seasons of the year. We do see somewhat smaller numbers at times during the summer, as people are often taking vacations and generally getting offline. We also often bring in a few summer interns to help them gain experience in web based ministry.

During this time, our big project is the launch and refinement of and the related These sites are geared for churches and individual believers who are wanting to grow in their faith and take the next steps in their spiritual journey. We are also participating in a major outreach during the Calgary Stampede this year.

Please pray for us in the following areas:

  1. For the ministry currently taking place on
    Many Christians are using to take a stand for what they believe and publicly declare that they are following Jesus with all that they are and have. Please pray for them in this, that God would use each one mightily for His glory.
  2. For those who are taking the 35 day challenge.
    Built on the technology powering, the 35 Day Challenge is a five week long faith adventure where the participants are taught to share their faith with three other people in their lives. Please pray for the 600+ people currently taking this challenge.
  3. For additional financial support.
    Carolanne and I are still lacking quite a bit of support. So far TruthMedia has been covering most of the shortfall however the ministry itself is also quite low on funds. Please pray that God would provide the support we need.