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Answered Prayer

I am very happy to report that God has answered our prayers and we have had our account reinstated. Praise the Lord for His mercy and for working on our behalf in the hearts of those at Facebook making these decisions.
Published 2019-06-25

The Recent Prayer Letter

Thank you for taking the time to take a look through our recent letter. We hope you like the family picture prayer card that was included. Getting kids to sit still and not make faces for a brief second to get a good picture is surprisingly hard! ?
Published 2017-12-12

It's Good To Be Appreciated

"I used the mentor program at a very dark time in my life and it really helped to see my way back to Christ. Thank you, I had you when I had nothing else."
Published 2017-10-26

Feb-Mar 2016 Newsletter

Over the past few years, one-on-one mentoring has become more and more central to our ministry focus. People come from many countries in the world asking questions on our websites, and we try to match each of them to one of our mentors who can walk with them in prayer. It is amazing to see how these relationships can carry on for years as the mentors and mentees walk together along this spiritual journey. We...
Published 2016-02-22

Global Daily

The Question: How has God blessed you recently and what challenges are you facing. One of the things we try to do regularly as a family when we pray is to remember to thank God specifically for the many ways in which He has blessed us.  We HAVE been blessed in SO many different ways and we are so very grateful that God has allowed us to walk with Him on this journey through life.  ...
Published 2013-10-22

Global Daily - March 2012

We have just come through a major project with Power to Change called TheLife.  TheLife is a challenge: to make the commitment to grab hold of God’s vision for your life.  To make your life count and do something that makes a difference for eternity, any time, any where, at any cost, to do any thing. As a symbol of their commitment we challenge followers of Christ to sign TheLife card as a physical reminder...
Published 2012-02-22
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